Oxford Bees

Making space for Drones part 2

Submitted by will on Wed, 10/05/2017 - 19:55

I've made a small adjustment to the Commercial frames which should work just as well in an National deep (brood) box.

I took an old National brood frame and removed the two bars which are set at the bottom. These are 6mm x 8mm x 360mm. I cut them into 4 equal 90mm lengths. I glued and nailed these to the sides of the top bars. I made these adjustments to 3 of the frames.

The result is that the frames are spaced at 12mm apart instead of 8mm. The Commercial box fits 11 instead of 12 frames.


Queen exclusion in Hive D

Submitted by will on Wed, 10/05/2017 - 19:55

I moved the queen excluded in Hive D yesterday. It is now between the brood box and the supers, where it ought to be.

I moved the frames from the super to a fresh super box, shaking each a little in the hope of moving the queen down. She leaves behind plenty of brood on the super frames, including Drone.

Drone can't fit between the bars of a queen excluder so I'm going to have to release them at some point. I'm not sure how to do that...