Colony 18

Swarm from one of my out-apiary hives. I couldn't be certain which. Probably either colony 4 or 12.

The swarm settled on a branch over 5m up. The weather turned just after they'd swarmed and they became stuck. I caught them when they'd been there for more than 3 days. Clumps of bees had fallen off and were stricken on the ground beneath the swarm. It took a cherry picker to reach them. I hived them in one of the National deep boxes with a Hamilton converter fitted (which makes them fit Commercial frames).

They were very weak when I hived them but appeared to be recovering after 18 hours in the hive.

Central Oxford
Origin of swarm
One of my untreated hives in central Oxford
Start Date
End Date
Untreated since date
Seasons untreated
What happened to the colony?
starved after dwindling in Autumn. Maybe some robbing problems