Colony 04

This colony came as a cast swarm from a feral colony in Collinwood Road, Risinghurst in May 2016. It was housed in Hive D.

It died in the spring of 2020. There appeared to be a Queen failure. The hive appeared to be occupied but the bees dwindled and eventually disappeared. There were no dead inside the hive and only the normal number outside*. The robbing gave the impression of activity where maybe there was none. The colony may have died much earlier than I had realised.

* There are usually quite a few dead outside all my hives in spring

Central Oxford
Origin of swarm
Feral colony in Collinwood Road, Risinghurst
Start Date
End Date
Untreated since date
Seasons untreated
What happened to the colony?
Dwindled. Probably queen failure. No evidence of exposure or starvation.