Bees flying and foraging at Headington Hill Hall perpetual hive

The bees in the perpetual hive in Headington Hill Hall park were flying at 1pm today -- 13th February.

There were flights every 3-5 seconds and I saw one bee land near me which had dark red pollen baskets. I couldn't check that she was carrying pollen but it seems the most likely. There were red Hellebores nearby which I think were probably the source of the pollen

The flowers in bloom nearby were

  • Hellebore (half a dozen or so within 20m of the hive. Some were red)
  • Snowdrop
  • Crocus (several hundred in flower within 150m of the hive)
  • Mahonia (very few flowers)
  • Lawn Daisy (very few flowers)

Pollen is usually a sign that there is brood in the hive.