A complicated arrangement for Colony 11

Submitted by will on Thu, 24/05/2018 - 14:09

At lunchtime today I successfully removed the nucleus body which Colony 11 had travelled in.

They had almost all moved down into the hive body but there were now several entrances. I removed the nuc' body and arranged it so that it is part of the hive roof. The area of the hive body not covered by the roof is packed out with wood. A regular lid is on top of that

There was a bit of confusion when the entrances were reduced to one. Some gathered in odd places; many just flew around. I could see that it was settling down. There may have been some fanning from the remaining entrance.

I'm leaving them for today. I will inspect the removable floor tomorrow to see where they're most active. If there is new comb being built under the nuc' lid then it'll be hard to extract it. If they're cleaning out framed comb then it should be much easier.