You should sell this: Bees as pets

Submitted by will on Tue, 27/06/2017 - 21:25

It's a familiar and honest complement: "you should sell this". I've heard it several times lately about the honey from my bees. I'm not keen. I like giving it away. That makes people happy in a way that buying it would not. And anyway, Bees can be excellent pets.

Bees mostly look after themselves. They feed themselves; clean up after themselves; take themselves for exercise. They're cheap to to look after once you have a hive and some equipment. They sometimes have surplus honey and it tastes fabulous.

Bees are interesting but not interested. In that respect they're somewhat like a cat. You watch the cat; you care for the cat; you dote on the cat. The cat couldn't care a fig about you and would happily trade you for some other mug with better food. If you died, the cat would leave -- or it would eat you. Either way the cat would be happier than you.

Watch and observe your bees. Be happy. They won't eat your face.