An inspector calls

Submitted by will on Sat, 27/08/2016 - 20:50
The Regional Bee Inspector looks at brood

The Regional Bee Inspector visited my out-apiary today.

We went through all 3 hives and checked all the brood. There were occasional dead brood which had advanced DWV - evidence of varoosis - but thankfully there were no other diseases. Best of all, the colonies are clear of AFB.

The major threats to honey bees from pests in the UK are varroa and AFB. We await the arrival of the Asian Hornet and Small Hive Beetle. The Asian Hornet is in France, and has been found in Guernsey but has so far not come been found on the mainland. Small Hive Beetle originates in Africa and has spread to several countries including USA. There was a small outbreak in Italy which, it's hoped, has been contained.

There was a thunderstorm as we left my out apiary. We'd hoped to inspect my home hives but it hasn't happened. Next year...