Catching and hiving swarm for my new apiary

I set up 2 hives a few weeks ago and registered with swarm officers. I've been waiting, but the weather has been relatively cold (air temp at 10am was greater than 15C only on 7th-10th and 12th May - source Radcliffe Observatory).

At about midday yesterday I was told about a swarm in Risinghurst. I took my swarm catching kit (bee suit; bee brush; cardboard box; gaffer tape) and found it in a very easy position. The swarm was on a hedge next to the pavement at chest level. I put the lip of the box beneath the swarm and gave a vigorous shake. In they went.

New apiary in central Oxford

I am establishing an 'out' apiary in central Oxford. I already maintain a single hive at home.

This will consist of 2 hives with Commercial brood bodies. They are sited on the roof of a building, equivalent to the 5th floor. I will be populating them with swarms caught in the local area. They have loads of forage in University Parks, down the Cherwell river and in nearby college gardens.