Colony 11

Colony 11 originated in the Grandpont area of Oxford. Ann, who gave them to me, thought that they were a feral colony which had been forced out of a roof on Norreys Avenue by building work. She caught them and put them into an un-framed nucleus box.

I transferred the colony into a framed hive on 24th May 2018. Later, I incorporated the lid of the nucleus box into the hive in the hope that the bees would move onto the framed comb. They did not move. I then had to extract the comb -- with brood -- into and put it above the Queen excluder. The brood hatched out even though their comb was horizontal and laid across frame tops and within empty frames. The bees were very cross. Once they settled into their new hive they calmed down and have been a busy, healthy colony with very low Varroa.

Central Oxford
Origin of swarm
Feral swarm, probably from a roof in Grandpont, Oxford
Start Date
End Date
Untreated since date
Seasons untreated
What happened to the colony?
Queen failure followed by robbing. Combined with Colony 01