Colony 11 moved and apparently fine

I moved Colony 11 on Thursday night (30th Aug). The move was simple and worked smoothly. I removed empty supers during the day and then strapped up the hive. I then waited until after dusk, blocked the entrance and then lifted the whole hive down to a waiting car. At the other end it was simple too. After half an hour on the stand in my garden I opened the door to the hive. No drama.

Yesterday morning (Friday) there were orientation flights leaving from the hive. All day there was activity. The bees were not even slightly defensive. I will look out for pollen coming in today.

The next question is how to recover them before winter. I will have to feed them but I don't want to create the conditions for them to be robbed here too. There are active foraging wasps here. I don't think that they're as aggressive and persistent as those in central Oxford. If there is an opportunity today I shall cover the entrances and try to get a feeder onto the hive.