Hefting Data

Submitted by will on Thu, 09/02/2017 - 13:52

I returned today to the out-apiary and hefted all 3 hives there.

I used a digital scale to weigh each side. The reading varied considerably during each heft - maybe by as much as 250g each way. I did my best to get an average reading. I think the variability must have been due to the way I was using the scale.

The results show more or less what I expected:

Hive Name Hive Type Left side Right side
B National deep box with insulated eke 8.9 Kg 15.2 Kg
C National box with 2 national super boxes >25 Kg >25 Kg
D Commercial box with 1 national super box and insulated eke 17.8 Kg 16.6 Kg
Hefting weights for hives in Kg

The weight of each type of hive, given for shipping information by Thorne, is:

National + 2 supers 25 Kg
Commercial + 2 supers 27 Kg

My conclusion from this is much as I expected: Hive B is small and may not have enough stores for the spring. Hive C has tons of stores and is fine. Hive D may have enough and needs monitoring.

I checked the varroa floors. All hives are consuming stores as expected. Hives C and D are making new wax, shown by wax scales amongst the capping detritus. Also C and D had a couple of Varroa each, which is quite a high fall rate.